bulletCharleston Highland Games - September 17

bulletStone Mountain Highland Games - October 14-16



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Welcome to the Atlanta Piping & Drumming Foundation, Inc.

Welcome! The Atlanta Piping & Drumming Foundation, Inc. is an Atlanta-based non-profit organization that promotes the Great Highland Bagpipe, Drums and Scottish music throughout the Southeast. Formerly known as the 'Atlanta Piping Foundation,' we represent all aspects of piping and drumming. We sponsor piping and drumming workshops and concerts featuring top international pipers and local musicians of all ages and skills. Join us in the joy of learning, playing, and listening to the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe and Drums!

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Piping and Drumming News

Bagpipes and Health

Around the World in 50 Days!

First Hudson Valley Celtic Festival

Child with cystic fibrosis sees lung function improve after taking up the pipes.

Irene Robinson played on every continent within 50 days.

The first festival! Let's wish them continued luck! link: Hudson Festival


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